"He who saves one from the House of Israel is as if they have saved the whole nation." From George Mulcaire-Jones, M.D. Maternal Life International

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From Dr. George Mulcaire-Jones, Maternal Life International

I am reminded of the Jewish words, "He who saves one from the House of Israel  is as if they have saved the whole nation." After the workshop, I met the two mothers of the nursing/midwifery students MLI had sponsored. They were so profoundly grateful (the students were in school in different towns). One mother is single, her husband died of HIV and she is on antiretrovirals. There is no way she could pay for her son's education - Gonzaga and Paskazia knew her from Church. She cleans it and prays all of the time, and her prayer was that someone would help with her son's education.  She said today when I met her, that she will die happy if her two children can be educated.  The other mother is a peasant farmer with 9 children.  Two of her children are deaf mutes and one is apparently severely disabled. Her oldest daughter did very well in school and qualified to be accepted into nurse/midwifery school - but could not afford to go until we sponsored her.

The training went very well. The need and demand for these programs is so overwhelming.
We also met with the architect of St. Joseph Family Life Center. He went over all of the architecture plans and pictures with the MLU team and myself. (I have copies).  There is a lot of little miracles happening to make the land possible - turns out they are putting a tarmacked road to an Anglican Cathedral further up the road and with the paved road the price of the land has went way up. We bought it at the right time and it really is in an ideal location.  I have lots of video.

The spirituality of the people is amazing. God is such a part and parcel of their lives.  Faith is not an abstraction, but a living breathing reality for them. We gave out the rosaries today and thanks to everyone's generosity in having so many of them, there were no major riots.  The priest who concluded the ceremony also blessed them - so they have been doubly blessed.

Yes, we are a Church of the poor. I see that more clearly.  Perhaps Mary  was more literal than we thought when she said, "He has raised up the lowly." I can't say enough about the work that has been done by Maternal Life Uganda. Their ministry to marriage and the family has improved so many lives. The relationship we have had with them is truly one of solidarity in the Body of Christ.
Thanks to all who have made this work possible.  We can be at once proud and humble at what has happened through the good will and hard work of MLI.