My name is Jacquies Joseph and I am the director of MLI Haiti. I live in Milot in the northern part of the country with experience directing youth programs in the Milot parish. Over the past year, I have been leading our team to build up the Faithful House programs, or "Le Maison Fidele" in Haitian French Creole. I previously worked in youth development and now direct my energy to organize and coordinate educational programs in the Milot region. Each month, at least 20 couples go through training in The Faithful House Program and the bead method. These couples are then encouraged to form small cells to support each other in their marriage and family life. With his work, the program is now expanding to the whole of the Archdiocese of Cap Haiten! My reward is to see how these programs change and enrich couples' lives.

We are Mr and Mrs. Martial Verdieu and we are the lead couple trainers for the “Faithful House.” We have been married for over 30 years and are dedicated trainers. We bring to couples our vast life experience, our gifts of singing and music, and our knowledge in the challenges of life in Haiti. 

My name is Father Tijwa and I am the spiritual director of the Haiti program and head of The Faithful House Council. I have seen how important marriage and family life are to development in Haiti. In heading the council, I engage other faith communities and government organizations who can benefit from the Faithful House program.