Maternal Life International is a non-profit organization dedicated to authentic human development based upon respect for the life and dignity of all persons, born and unborn. We are committed to being “missionaries of peace:” a peace we pursue within our own interior being, and within our marriages, families and communities.  Many of us at Maternal Life are Catholic Christians responding to the call of our faith to be one with the poor.  We have provided services in many part of the world and have formal affiliates in Uganda, Tanzania, Haiti and Nigeria. We are focused on three foundational areas: 1) marriage formation and renewal, 2) safe birth and 3) women’s health.   

Marriage Formation and Renewal

Our marriage renewal program is called “The Faithful House.” Through Faithful House training and formation, a couple establishes or reestablishes a healthy, respectful marriage, leading to a wide range of benefits: couples are less likely to get HIV, gender violence is reduced, economic and food security is enhanced, parenting is improved and many couples emerge from poverty.


Safe Birth

From the platform of “The Faithful House,” peace is further enhanced by “safe birth” education. A woman who is supported by her husband is much more likely to receive prenatal care and skilled birth attendance, thereby decreasing her and her baby’s chances of dying during childbirth. Through our “Safe Passages” program, we train and equip obstetrical providers to provide life-saving essential obstetrical care.  With couple centered education and improved training of health care providers, women can realize the peace of a “safe passage,” a birth free of death and free of serious injury. In addition to training, MLI is currently constructing a prototype of a solar-based mobile surgical unit capable of providing life-saving Cesarean sections in rural African settings.  An MLI affiliate, Magnificat Maternal Health Program, has done further work in safe birth: refurbishing and reopening a midwifery school and constructing a safe birth health center in Central Nigeria.(See:

Women’s Health

To provide further continuity of care and healthy child spacing, we also provide training in women’s health and natural family planning (NFP) through our patented “Bead System of Fertility Awareness.” Fertility awareness helps women monitor their general and hormonal health and assists couples with infertility.

Taken together, these programs create a solid and sustainable platform for authentic development. Through improving the integrity of marriage and family life and through making safe birth possible, nearly every social and health problem can be prevented or mitigated. Our specific areas of focus and need include:

  • Construction and support of an East African regional training center in Masaka, Uganda.  This center will allow for training and support for couples, health care professionals and pastoral leaders who can then take these programs back to their own locales.

  • Ongoing support and expansion of our staffing in Uganda, Tanzania, Haiti and Nigeria where our in-country leaders and trainers conduct Faithful House trainings, counsel couples, teach fertility awareness/natural family planning and educate women and couples about safe birth practices.

  • Safe birth training workshops (both on-site and distance education) to train more doctors, midwives and nurses in evidence-based, person-centered, life-affirming health care.

  • Construction and staffing of a Missionaries of Peace center in Haiti which will have a similar focus as our East African regional training center.

Through working hand in hand with local communities, churches and health care institutions, these programs reach some of those marginalized and impoverished areas of the world. There, in the dusty villages and on the fraying edges of poverty, the lives of the poor are improved. 

We ask for your prayers and financial support.  Please know that each of you are called to a “mission of peace” in your own life.  As this mission takes hold, we invite you to join us, to support us and to dream with us.  In peace, you will make a difference. In peace,  a more just and more loving world awaits!