Dr. George Mulcaire-Jones is the Founder & President of Maternal Life International. He practices family medicine and obstetrics at St. James Hospital in Butte, Montana. He is a board certified family practitioner and has completed additional fellowship training in obstetrics. He has been a member of the Strategic Integrated Leadership Team at St. James Healthcare and leads its Maternal and Newborn Council. Dr. Mulcaire-Jones has been providing training and program development in Africa and Haiti for the past twenty years. After completing his family medicine residency, he and his wife Mary spent two years working in Cameroon, West Africa. In the course of his experience, he has witnessed the tragedy of maternal deaths, the unfolding of the HIV epidemic, and the great need for alternative healthcare paradigms which respect human life and dignity and empower families. He and his wife have six children. His wife Mary is a health educator and counselor and worked in Cameroon teaching village healthcare workers and domestic science students.

Gonzaga and Paskazia Lubega are the Directors of Maternal Life Uganda. They have been the lead trainers for MLI and Catholic Relief Services in Africa for “The Faithful House” program. Since the inception of The Faithful House, they have provided training in twelve African countries and have facilitated both couple-based training and training of trainers. In Uganda, they have provided in-country development of The Faithful House program in multiple dioceses and through the Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau. Recognized experts in marriage and family life in Africa, they have worked within both community and healthcare settings and have a keen awareness of the challenges faced in improving maternal, newborn, and family health.

Sister Catherine Nakiboneka is the Technical Advisor of Health Training Institutions and Capacity Building for the Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau (UCMB).  The UCMB has been an integral part of Maternal Child Health development in Uganda. Sister Catherine has a wide range of experience as a midwife, an educator and administrator.  She is an advisor to the Uganda Midwifery curriculum and part of the Uganda Nurses and Midwifery examination board. She has a particular commitment to improving maternal health care delivery in underserved communities.  She has extensive contacts throughout Uganda and has prioritized partnerships between community based groups and the health care sector.  

Emmanuel and Sissy Kitayimbwa are Couple Trainers at Maternal Life Uganda and provide training and couple follow-up in the Masaka region of Uganda. They have worked hand-in-hand with the Maternal Life Uganda to ensure that all couples and families receive practical, on-the-ground support for positive behavioral changes in their marriages and family lives.

Veronica Kaweesi, Office Manager at Maternal Life Uganda, coordinates finances, schedules trainings, and oversees programmatic coordination. She and her husband work with other Maternal Life Uganda team members and volunteers in providing ongoing training, and in maintaining the land purchased for St. Joseph Family Life Center.

Paschal and Melania Maziku are the Directors of Maternal Life Tanzania. Paschal has a background in communications and Melania a background in early childhood education. As a part of their initial work with MLI, they conducted an extensive “needs assessment,” interviewing over 70 stakeholders from healthcare , pastoral, government and Church sectors within the Dar es Salaam region. The needs assessment highlighted many of the challenges faced in improving maternal and newborn care and indicated a clear need for programs like those MLI provides. In addition to facilitating community-based training in “The Faithful House” program within Dar es Salaam, they provide rural outreach to outlying dioceses. They bring to the project their experience working with couples and families, and both facilitation and training skills. In addition to their outreach in person, they conduct a weekly radio program for families and couples via Radio Maria in Dar es Salaam.

Sister Bernadetha Mkalole is a nurse midwife and Administrator of Irene Kilimahewa Health Center in Tanzania. She has worked extensively in rural Tanzania and is acutely aware of the challenges faced by both communities and facilities in improving maternal and family health. She has worked closely with Maternal Life Tanzania to bring couple-based marriage formation programs to the local community. She brings to this project a great passion to improve access to care for vulnerable mothers, and to improve the level of facility-based obstetrical care.

Mr. Jacquecius Joseph is the Administrative Director of Maternal Life Haiti. He has successfully coordinated the development of “The Faithful House” program in the Archdiocese of Cap Haiten. In his capacity as administrative director, he has expanded the program from the Milot region to multiple parishes throughout the region. He has provided outstanding administrative and financial management, has coordinated training teams, and has networked with the healthcare sector within both the Church and government. He recently managed the acquisition of land for a building project for a training center and model family homes. He brings to the project his knowledge of the on-ground developmental challenges that exist in Haiti, and his ability to facilitate collaboration among a wide range of stakeholders.

Mr. and Mrs. Martial Verdieu, Couple Trainers at Maternal Life Haiti, have been married for over 30 years and are skilled and dedicated trainers. Through their example and mentoring, their vast life experience, their talent for community-building, and their knowledge of the challenges of life in Haiti, the Verdieus have touched the lives of hundreds of Haitians. They work with Mr. Jacquecius Joseph as well as other volunteer couples to provide “Faithful House” training each month in Northern Haiti.