Board Members:  


Board Members Not Pictured:  

International Program Directors:


Dr. George Mulcaire Jones, Founder and Chief Executive of the Board, and Medical Director of MLI. He is a board certified family practitioner and has completed additional fellowship training in obstetrics. He works at the Butte Community Health Center and St. James Health Care. Dr. MJ and his wife have six children and spent two years working in Cameroon, West Africa. Dr. MJ’s passion for MLI is grounded in his work in Africa: seeing the tragedy of maternal deaths, the unfolding of the HIV epidemic and the great need for alternative health care paradigms which respect human life and dignity and empower families.

Ray Rogers, Chair of the Board is the CEO of the National Center for Health Care Informatics. Ray has helped develop distance learning platforms and simulation based training for MLI and for other health care organizations including para-rescue training. Ray is a jack of all trades and generously donates his time for engineering, distance learning and fundraising projects. Currently he is working with a senior engineering design team at Montana Tech to design a solar-powered mobile surgical unit capable of providing Cesarean-sections in remote areas of Africa.

Dr. Robert Scanlon, M.D., Board Member and is MLI’s maternal health education director. He is a board certified obstetrician/gynecologist and is currently the Chief of Obstetrics for Huntington Hospital on Long Island, New York. He and his wife Cathy have three children, Robert, Tim and Elizabeth. Dr. Scanlon has worked with Dr. Darius Magee in repairing obstetrical fistula in Sierra Leone.


Dr. Mary Davenport, Board Member, is the founder and director of Magnificat Maternal Health Program, an affiliate of MLI. Dr. Davenport is a board certified obstetrician/gynecologist and recent past president of the American College of Pro-Life Obstetricians (APPLOG). Under the guidance of Dr. Mary, MMHP was able to open and certify the Grimard Midwifery School in Idah, Nigeria – which just graduated its first class of 25 midwives. MMHP also helped build and equip the Ankpa Birth Clinic which is now providing life-saving obstetrical care in a remote region of the Idah diocese.

Philip Dean, Registered Nurse; John LaFave, Professor of Geology; MaryBeth Adams, Nurse Practitioner

In Uganda:

• Gonzaga and Paskazia Lubega are the directors of Maternal Life Uganda. They have three children, Anthony, Grace and Maria. They are truly the “Professors of marriage and family life in Africa.” They have conducted countless trainings throughout Africa and are called upon by many organizations including Catholic Relief Services, UNAIDS and East Africa bishops for their expertise in training and program development. Working with MLI, they are accomplished “trainer of trainers” for all The Faithful House programming, for the Bead Method of Fertility Awareness and for the Journey of Pregnancy.

• Emmanuel and Sissy Kitayimbwa are couple trainers for The Faithful House program and Bead Method. They work with Gonzaga and Paskazia to provide training and couple follow up in the Masaka region of Uganda. There day to day counsel and education of couples is critical to the outreach of Maternal Life Uganda.

• Veronica Kaweesi is the office manager of Maternal Life Uganda. She coordinates the finances, the scheduling of trainings and insures that MLU hums along organizationally.

In Haiti:

• Jacquies Joseph is the Director of “Faithful House Haiti,” an affiliate of MLI. T-Jacques previously worked in youth development and now directs his energy and talents to organizing and coordinating The Faithful House program in the Milot region. Each month at least 20 couples go through training in “The Faithful House” and the bead method. These couples are then encouraged to form small cells to support each other in their marriage and family life. With his work, the program is now expanding to the whole of the Archdiocese of Cap Haiten!

• Mr and Mrs. Martial Verdieu are the lead couple trainers for the “Faithful House.” They have been married for over 30 years and are skilled and dedicated trainers. They bring to the couples they train their vast life experience, their gifts of singing and music and their knowledge of the challenges of life in Haiti. Many couples lives have been changed for the better through the example and mentoring of the Verdieu’s!

• Father Tijwa is the spiritual director of the Haiti program and head of The Faithful House Council. He is highly regarded priest who has seen how important marriage and family life are to development in Haiti. In heading the council, he engages other faith communities and government organizations who can benefit from the Faithful House program.

In Tanzania:

US Team Members:

Paschal is a holder of a master’s degree in community economic development (of OUT) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration & political science (BA-GEN PSPA), Moreover Paschal is a holder of the Diploma in Youth Development Work (Commonwealth Youth Program- CYP Diploma), Certificate of
Philosophy of Ntungamo Major Seminary, a certificate on Community based work with children & Youth of Kwazulu Natal University and a certificate on para-social work of the Institute of Social work
Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania Paschal has additional skills (soft skills) for instance he is a
holder of a certificate of OBFR- Output Based Financial Reporting for effective M&E (by Health Systems 20/20 & USAID Tanzania), facilitation skills, Lobbying and advocacy, Resource mobilization, Organizational
development and good governance.

Melania H.D.Maziku is a Tanzania lady (1976), I a wife to Paschal Maziku and they have two children Roselyne and Johnson mentioned above. Melanie is a record management specialist, entrepreneur, counselor and teacher by profession. She is has a great passion to serve and assist children and young people.
You can Email Melania at

They have a daughter, Roselyne, and a son, Johnson.  

Not Pictured:

• Nitish John is a computer software engineer and owner of Gramboo Communications in the Silicon Valley. Nitish installed a computer classroom at Grimard Midwifery school and set up an electronic midwifery library. Nitish also hosts MLI’s and MMHP’s web-site and is always ready to offer his IT skills to our projects.

 Gary Staudinger is MLI’s accountant who generously helps MLI keep it’s financial house in good order. Gary is active throughout the community and brings to his work both his accounting expertise and his kind way of being.