My name is George Mulcaire Jones. I am the founder and medical director of MLI. My wife Mary and I are blessed to have six children. 

I am a board certified family practitioner with additional fellowship training in obstetrics. I split my time providing family medicine and obstetrical care at a Community Health Center and working on Maternal Life projects. I have delivered over two thousand babies-and each one is special. You can also find me cross country skiing in our local mountains.

I spent two years working in Cameroon, West Africa where I first witnessed maternal deaths. My passion for this work is grounded in witnessing the tragedy of maternal deaths, the unfolding of the HIV epidemic and the great need for alternative health care paradigms which respect human life and dignity to empower families.

My special son and friend is Liam, our youngest child who has Down Syndrome. He is a great swimmer, Irish dancer, and witness to the beauty of life. He can't wait to come with me on training programs to Africa.



My name is Ray Rogers and I am the director for the National Center for Health Care Informatics. I have helped develop distance learning platforms and simulation based training for MLI and for other health care organizations including para-rescue training. Currently I am working with a senior engineering design team at Montana Tech to construct a mobile surgical unit capable of providing Cesarean-sections in remote areas of Africa (coming soon to an African country near you). Where can you find me when I am not working? Try looking in the Beartooth Mountains at Froze To Death Lake - elevation 10,500 feet.












My name is Gary Staudinger (not pictured) and I am MLI’s accountant. I help keep our financial house in good order and provide accounting advice for our national and international operations. 



Butte, Montana

Our Lady's Miracle on the Mountain

Who is this that approaches like the dawn, as beautiful as the full moon, as pure as the sun…
Song of Solomon, 6:10

The third tallest statue in the United States bears the image of the Blessed Mother and stands astride the jagged Rocky Mountain Continental Divide 3,000 feet above the city where I grew up. The massive 90-foot tall, sixty-ton steel statue is called Our Lady of the Rockies, overlooking Butte, Montana.

For being one of the world’s great engineering marvels, she is a gem that is slowly being discovered. Since she was built in 1985, people from all over the world have been traveling to this remote outpost to see her in ever greater numbers. So how did this statue come to be?

As we shall see, Our Lady of the Rockies is a manifestation of Butte’s close-knit community. The magnificent figure of the Blessed Virgin Mary is anchored on the mountaintop just east of the city. She is visible to all for miles around; an icon for Butte’s residents and countless travelers along Interstate 90. This Madonna, and the people who put her there, tell an incredible story of resilience, innovation, and trust in God.  By Peter LaFave  
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