From Gonzaga & Paskazia Lubega, Maternal Life Uganda

 This year 8th March 2015 we made 16 years since our beloved bishop The Rt. Rev John Baptist Kaggwa gave us his blessings to reach out to the couples and families in the diocese of Masaka and he said “I give you my blessings not only in my diocese but also whenever God calls you, in Uganda and outside.”  That was on 8th March 1999 which became a special date in our vocation and mission. At the moment we can stand to testify that the words of our bishop have come true!

In Uganda we have nearly been to all the dioceses, in Africa we have been to over 13 countries, we have seen God’s hand in our work: couples have united, put together their money, many alcoholics have stopped, parents have started to be present to their children, some couples have been able to eradicate poverty etc. We have seen God’s providence and care in our lives and in other couples!

In 2003 we started working with MLI which became another step ahead we have received more training and financial support. With the help of Catholic Relief Services and MLI/MLU we wrote “The Faithful House,” which is a special tool to reaching out to families. With this curriculum we have reached out to so many couples in Uganda and other countries.

In the 17 years of work with couples and families we have seen that “with God all things are possible.” But we have realized a challenge that many people, married and un- married, do not understand what marriage means. For example we have heard of leaders advising married people not to touch each other’s phone.  Our question is: “Is that couple one flesh?” And many other contradicting messages of that kind.

In Genesis 2:24 God says “That is why a man leaves …..” This is one of the big challenges as many people have failed to leave, parents, money, property, hobbies etc. Leaving can only be done if you have faith like Abraham. St. Joseph was also able to leave his country to go to Egypt as the Angle instructed because he had faith.

Unity: many couples have failed to get united in mind, body and property hence they cannot become one flesh.  In many families you will find a husband doing his own things and the wife the same. In fact many people think that they are married, yet they just stay together in the same house but in the real sense they are not married.

We have many weddings but few marriages. Marriage is not only about producing children and staying in the same house because even goats and dogs produce and stay together but they do not get married! Marriage is a mystery and many people have failed to understand it.

 We are soon making 18 years in marriage and we have realized that the more we put everything together the more peace and joy we have for both of us and to our children. We call upon couples to cross check if they are really married or just staying together. Some people have even celebrated 25, 50, 75 years together and they call it marriage but when you talk to them you come to know that they have just been together but not married.

In our travels to different countries we thank God for the exposure and experience in this work and for all the couples we have talked to we are sure God has used to touch peoples’ lives and many testimonies have been realized.

We are so grateful to God for Dr. George Mulcaire- Jones (MLI). Since 2003, God has used him to train us and for all the financial support since then. In our own words we cannot thank him enough, we only pray to God to bless him and MLI at large. Thank you Dr. George! Long live!

We are praying that God bless more of our plans especially our children: Anthony, Cecilia and Maria to grow in fear of God and bless their future careers and vocation. We pray for God’s providence to see that St. Joseph Family Life Support Centre comes to reality. We need more trainings to help leaders, couples and families to understand marriage to be able to build the church and the nation.

We call upon individuals and organizations of good will to join us in this noble cause. We need your prayers and human and financial resources, believing that together we can.  Amen.  

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