From Ray Rogers:

"When we were traveling to Sierra Leone, our flight was about an hour from Freetown.   George overheard a young man talking about his father who had suffered a stroke and was in the hospital in Freetown.  The young man was on his way to figure out how to care for his father and bring him back to the US.  We were arriving late in the evening and would need to wait until morning for a ferry to bring us to the mainland – the airport sits on an island off the coast of Sierra Leone.   After hearing of the circumstances, George jumped into the conversation and mentioned that he was a physician and would gladly check-in on the young man’s father.   Sitting near George and the young man was a gentleman from Russia who was also listening in on the discussion.   He too then joined the discussion and offered up his private helicopter to bring George and the man to the hospital as soon as the plane landed.   Over the next hour as the plane made its landing, the three made their plans.  Upon arriving, the three departed immediately for the hospital on the private helicopter.   The three of us traveling with George agreed to grab his bags and meet him at the ferry dock in Freetown the next day.  

George visited the man in the hospital and helped direct some of his care.  He then met the rest of the MLI team the next morning at the ferry terminal and we continued on to Bo, Sierra Leone for the week to provide MLI’s Safe Passages Training.   Back in Freetown, the young man was making arrangements to bring his father home, but the airline would not fly his debilitated father home without being accompanied by a physician.  His stroke was severe and had wiped out one side of his body.   During the week, the young man connected with George and made arrangements to take the same flight back to the US with George being the accompanying physician. 

Arriving back in Freetown after our week of training, we were reunited with the young man and introduced to his father.   George and the man were placed in first class so George could provide care during the flight.   When we arrived in London, we were provided a wheelchair for the man and discussed how to get from London back to Missouri where the man and his son were from.   George agreed to change his travel plans so he could fly with the man back to the US, which he did.    During our time in London, there was a brief, amazing moment of compassion that occurred which I will never forget.   We were with the young man and his father at a restaurant at the airport.  The young man was trying desperately to feed his father who was not cooperating at all, and the young man was becoming visibly frustrated and discouraged.  George gently stepped in and took over feeding his father with amazing care, compassion, and tenderness - he had me in tears. He fed the father his breakfast, talking to him throughout the meal, and putting the son at ease.  

 I’m not sure why this young man, George, and the man from Russia were all sitting near each other on that flight, but I believe fate played a role in it.

 MLI is an organization that is dedicated to being compassionate in the face of terrible tragedy in our world.   Maternal Life International embodies the core value of compassion because George Mulcaire-Jones, President of MLI, leads by example."