We are the families Luckner Monpoint:

I was very happy to participate in "The Faithful House" training program, which was held in the community of Lorry.

Before I had lot of problem in the way we have lived in my home with my wife and my children.

Anger, infidelity, misunderstanding, intolerance, immorality and another shortcoming. We lived like animals.

Thank God for the training lessons come and affected my conscience deeply and after training a systematic revolution operates in the operation of my life.

And all problems are solved considerably and our behaviors are very acceptable in Haitian society and now all my anger turned into submission and love in my family life.

That is why I ask the head of MLI to keep alive this program and even in a broader way.

Then that encourage this program is reducing the vulnerable conditions lived Haitian families to strengthen their capacities to live.

Thank God for this beautiful program that you has given us and for its perfection.

sincer, T-Jacques

(Mother language of Haiti is Haitian Creole)  


Dated from 6 to 9 April 2015:

We had a training session of family to Samson 1st communal section Bonnet to the Bishop of Milot. It was three o'clock in the afternoon when a crowd of people, men and women. After our meeting, we launched an issue of general interest, search of compendium of the opinions related to our work. Here's what two participants have advanced:

"We thank you cordially for this so interesting training. Today, we discover the charm of a good family organization as well as the means to protect its efficiency, its structure and its durability. The lessons that we have just taken us prompts to change all that there were negative in our family behaviour. We would like to call to order everyone in our district, are not present, to change their behavior to protect their family. We would like these types of training are increasing for change us really, because more we trained, we can direct our focus with fairness, respect, and sense of responsibility. Thank you very much and we hope to see you soon. The community uses my voice to thank you and to wish you good continuity. God bless all the responsible."