In the 19 years since its founding, MLI has offered innovative programs in 25 countries.

  • The Faithful House program has reached over 100,000 couples and has been translated into Swahili, French, Portuguese, Kreyol and many local languages. 
  •  MLI’s parish nurse program was the first ever parish nurse program for HIV care and treatment in Africa.  Hundreds of HIV patients and their families have been compassionately attended to by parish nurses in Swaziland and South Africa and the program has been singled out by UNAIDS as a model of a successful “faith health partnership.”
  •  Hundreds of midwives and physicians have benefitted from “Safe Passage” training and have brought their life-saving skills to many hospitals and health centers, especially in Nigeria.  These obstetrical providers are now saving the lives of countless mothers and babies.

MLI’s “train the trainer” model means that its programs are cost-effective, can be quickly modified, and have the full buy-in and support of the local communities in which the programs operate.

MLI’s programs are not only deeply consonant with the values of those they are designed to help, but they are also highly effective. Studies of “The Faithful House” program consistently demonstrate that participants make important gains in communication about issues such as finances and sex; they divide household responsibilities and authority more equally; they show greater respect for one another; and couples feel better equipped to remain faithful to each other. Studies show that in communities where MLI has served, 98% of MLI-trained couples have the skills to be faithful, a 30% decrease in gender based violence, and 75% of men now willing to support their wives in obtaining medication to prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission.  The “Safe Passages” model for improving the level of obstetrical training and care has been successfully piloted in sites in Nigeria and Sierra Leone.