Why We Care

Can you imagine a woman dying within 2 hours of giving birth?  In many places in Africa, women die of obstetrical complications such as a post-partum hemorrhage. With no skilled birth attendants or medications to make her uterus contract, a woman bleeds to death as blood pours from her uterus. In many places in Africa, the life-time risk of a woman dying from complications of childbirth can be as high as 1 in 16 compared to 1 in 7500 in the United States.

Can you imagine living day in and day out on the edge of poverty and food security? Each day you face the questions: what will you eat, what will my children eat, how can we afford their school fees? You find there is no work and if you or one of your family members falls sick, there is no money for transport to reach health center. Tensions rise between husband and wife, the children are crying, there is little to hope for and seemingly no way out.

Can you imagine being a single mother without any social safety net? An intact and healthy marriage in Africa is a necessity, not a luxury. Without a shared income and assets, a woman and her children are vulnerable to poverty, malnutrition, disease and mental illness. In the United States up to 40% of poverty is related to a breakdown in marriage. With few social services available, the consequences for women and children are even greater in Africa.