We are Paschal and Melania Mazuka, the founders and directors of Maternal Life Tanzania. We have researched the profound need for marriage and family life formation in our region, as well as the need for improved training in emergency obstetrical care. 

Prior to our work in Tanzania, we have been involved with pastoral care, in early childhood education and in Radio Maria Tanzania. We have been inspired by the Faithful House Program and are eager to spread this work. 

When we are not working with MLI, you may hear us on the radio in Dar-es-Salaam.

Paschal is a holder of a master’s degree in community economic development (of OUT) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration & political science (BA-GEN PSPA), Moreover Paschal is a holder of the Diploma in Youth Development Work (Commonwealth Youth Program- CYP Diploma), Certificate of
Philosophy of Ntungamo Major Seminary, a certificate on Community based work with children & Youth of Kwazulu Natal University and a certificate on para-social work of the Institute of Social work
Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania Paschal has additional skills (soft skills) for instance he is a
holder of a certificate of OBFR- Output Based Financial Reporting for effective M&E (by Health Systems 20/20 & USAID Tanzania), facilitation skills, Lobbying and advocacy, Resource mobilization, Organizational
development and good governance.

Melania H.D.Maziku is a Tanzania lady (1976), I a wife to Paschal Maziku and they have two children Roselyne and Johnson mentioned above. Melanie is a record management specialist, entrepreneur, counselor and teacher by profession. She is has a great passion to serve and assist children and young people.
You can Email Melania at melanjd@gmail.com

They have a daughter, Roselyne, and a son, Johnson.