Suad to Somalia

Spring 2015

MLI sends aid and life-changing health care training to a Somali clinic through Suad Mahamed. 

Suad Mahamed, a Somali woman who now is a citizen of the United States, fearlessly and tirelessly loaded massive suitcases and traveled to Somalia this spring.  On her journey, she brought blankets, a portable ultrasound machine, family planning packages and training, and many other small necessities for the families of Somalia.  

A grant for an ultrasound machine was given to MLI for Suad to bring to the Somali clinic.  There was much thanks from the workers at the clinic and the people of somalia for the generous gift of a portable ultrasound machine. Watch the Thank You Video From The Somali Clinic.

Trained by Dr. George Mulicare-Jones, M.D., Suad taught Couple Beads Natural Family Planning to regional leaders and families of Somalia who were eager and grateful to learn.  Watch the Couple Bead Teaching  video of couples in Somali Learning Couple Bead Natural Family Planning.